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Pim & Panda

cxsPim and Panda are best friends. Pim is a very curious little squirrel boy who enjoys chasing butterflies and picking flowers. He never gets bored. Once on a warm summer day he met big strong Panda who was standing lonely below a tree. Panda is a friendly but timid elephant girl and she likes to build airplanes out of leaves and taking cold showers. Immediately they became very best friends and never spend a day apart. Eventhough Pim is very sick and can not walk anymore, both are having so much fun. They let kites fly, race each other, play ball, swing, sing, or pretend to be pirates. Like everyone they are also having times when they are sad but with a big warm hug soon they are smiling again and glad to have eachother. But Pim and Panda are not only helping each other but care about others too. Together they want to wipe away other children’s sadness and conjure a smile in their face. Pim and Panda are offering their  help wherever they are. They like to travel the world.

I am offering professional tender photography, free of charge, to families of young children with life threatening illnesses. These photos will provide the families with the gift of precious everlasting memories and bring a little ray of sunshine into their darker days. The families will receive all the edited photos via download link and are free to share them with friends, family, and the internet. If you and your child are in Missoula now and would love to have these beautiful memories, feel free to contact me with the child’s story and age!