Dekiams Photography & Design » Natürliche Kinderfotografie und Tierfotografie im Raum Berlin

Meet the Artist

Maike Boysen

Hi! I’m the heart behind the lens. I love little children, I love animals, I love walks in the nature and variety. Having found an activity in which I can combine all of that is simply wonderful. Photography has grown to such a great passion, that I can’t imagine my life without a camera anymore. I cherish the little things in life, the little miracles, that are filled with childlike wonder and are conjuring now and then tingling goosebumps. Our world is becoming faster, more hectic, and more transient with every day. All the lovelier it is to just lay back from time to time and to consciously enjoy the little as well as the big moments. To stop the march of time for a moment and look back. I’m a dreamer, a child of skyflying mind, and at the same time a perfectionist. I don’t like posed frosty images. I either let my imagination and artsy side run free or I want to capture the pure natural moments. It may take a lot more time, but on the other hand I create unforgettable memories that keep touching hearts over and over again. My photo sessions are not appointments but adventures.